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Welcome to the Flourishing Enterprise Community

Building a community to bring the Flourishing Business Canvas to the world

About Us

The First Explorers and the Google Groups are beginning the migration process to our new community platform, Mighty Networks. It’s totally up to you whether or not you would like to join our new online community. You will still be able to access all the public information at the links located around this website.

The principles and practices that we teach have at their heart empowering leaders to accelerate innovation towards sustainability-as-flourishing. As a result, and because we want to offer ongoing learning opportunities that support you in facilitating the approach in your own context, we curate a private online community for those who have joined the movement.

By Joining You Will

Within this community you will find articles, links, event, and resources. You will also find it easy to connect within the network to learn and converse on a range of subjects and contexts related to the Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit.

  • Be part of a peer community of changemakers;
  • Get to learn from experienced successful social entrepreneurs;
  • Have low-cost access to additional training and workshops;
  • Get exclusive coaching, mastermind, and other mentoring and learning opportunities;
  • And more.

Ultimately, it’s about helping you find your purpose, sharpen your skills, share your story, and make an impact!

If that’s what you’re about, please join us.

You can read more about the movement here.

A Big Thanks

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