Flourishing Business Community
Flourishing Business Community

Welcome to the Flourishing Business Community

Building a community to bring the Flourishing Business Canvas to the world

About Us

We are building a community to bring the Flourishing Business Canvas to the world.

Our community supports leaders and entrepreneurs to scale the application of the Flourishing Business Canvas to realize the possibility for sustainable flourishing.

You can learn more on our website here.

By Becoming a Full Member...

You will be part of a planetary-wide peer community of changemakers.  

When you become a full member you will gain access to:

  • Free regular webinars by members for members sharing their experiences – learn from experienced successful entrepreneurs & leaders
  • Free access to introduction and deep dive training courses
  • Free access to library of additional materials
  • Low-cost access to additional training and workshops
  • Exclusive coaching, mastermind, and other mentoring and learning opportunities – including free office hours with the originator of the Flourishing Business Canvas
  • and more

Full membership costs 

  • CAD$10, US$10, €10 per month or
  • CAD$100, US$100, €100 per year (16% discount)

Your financial contribution helps the not-for-profit that runs and continuously improves this community. 


It is free to join the community initially.  This will give you permanent access to our Lobby where you can introduce yourself, meet other members, and get a sense of what the community has to offer.

If and when you are ready, you can then buy a full membership
from inside the community to give you access to all that we have to offer.

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